Cisarove X Prior Shopping Center

"Shopping under one roof", is the legendary claim of the equally well-known department store Prior. The connection with the CISAROVE visual language brings a unique author's graphics, which is based on the history of the chain of stores and unites its main domains.

The main idea was to merge the primary visual and conceptual associations linked to the Prior department store.The silhouette of moving stairs complements the graphic reference to textile, clothing, or famous Czech-Slovak electronics. They were used for the first time in Czechoslovakia in this department store, where they caused an absolute sensation at the time. The heart of the semi-abstract graphic is the original logo of the Prior department store under an imaginary roof where the customer can find everything they need. Prior was truly a full-range store, and with its revolutionary approach, it became the forerunner of today's hypermarkets. The graphic was published on the occasion of the identity redesign of Prior central department stores.