Cisarove X Trnava Sugar Factory

In addition to the the revitalization of the Trnava sugar factory area also includes the development of apartments in several stages. The first stage brings unique large-format mosaics intended for the vestibule of apartment buildings, where we highlight the original character of the industrial zone in connection with the architectural language of the project.

In the first stage, we created a series of four large formats, which are thematically divided by location. They capture the industrial origin of the area and are visually supported by the characteristic pillars associated with historical production. The common denominator is the stylized original typographic logo made up of the letters "C" and "S". These letters are the initials of Carl Stummer, the founder of the Stummer dynasty, the then owners of the building from 1876.

Large formats were created by a combination of two techniques. It is a mix of printing on specially treated Plexiglas and milling of horizontal and vertical lines to achieve a 3D mosaic effect.