Cisarove X YIT Slovakia

The visual connection of historical spinning equipment with the motif of the Pradiareň 1900 building, all in the language of CISAROVE. A challenge that ultimately resulted in a large - format 3D machinery embellishing the facade of the YIT company's reception.

An important aspect of the creation was to find common visual starting points, which would be able to connect the desired motifs non-violently and at the same time attractively. The boundaries here are determined by the facade of the building itself in its stylized form. It intentionally relies solely on the fundamental pillars of the Spinnery, which define its recognizability, and is pragmatically stripped of excess elements to achieve the cleanest possible skeleton. Subsequently, a space is created for creating visual connections with spinning motifs. We use a group of thin lines for this, which use circles to associate the pulling of threads in the mechanics of the machine or even trees, which together with the figures create a kind of complete ecosystem. The result is a machine that, with its internal dynamics, is meant to underline the atmosphere of this architectural complex.

An important aspect is the feeling for the space in which the work is located. So we choose an absolute interplay of horizontal and vertical lines, which together with the circles form a common denominator for the work and the interior itself. Since the verdict was to achieve a relief model, the final design was the subject of many discussions and tests, due to the technical difficulty of producing thin oversized profiles. The entire machine reaches a width of almost 430 cm and is composed of several separate blocks.

VIDEO: Conevisual